During design and construction of your new building several companies are involved in delivering its HVAC system. The automation piece—the software that runs the system—typically has three separate parties involved. In an operation of this size and complexity, when several people are responsible, then no one is responsible.

Assure that your new building operates consistent with the engineer’s design intent by the end of the warranty period, and continues to operate that way for the life of your building.

By having IDS as your Automation Consultant, your building benefits from the expertise that spans design, construction, warranty, and ongoing operations.

Design: During the design phase we’ll work with your engineer to adapt their specifications to the latest, proven approaches defined in ASHRAE Guideline 36, High-Performance Sequences of Operation for HVAC Systems. Sequences are the design specification for the automation software. Mistakes, outdated approaches, or vagueness here leads to underperforming automation that is costly to correct.

Construction: IDS will work with your controls contractor and commissioning agent to assure that the automation software that is delivered does indeed meet the engineer’s specification. IDS will review controls submittals, review the actual software code delivered, and verify operations through the data using our EnergyWitness platform.

Warranty: No matter how thoroughly the controls are tested or how many simulations are run, nothing replaces what happens across four seasons of operation with a real load in the building. We use this period to identify any issues in the automation code so they can be fixed under warranty. We’ll also help train your staff, so they understand how the building and its controls are designed to work.

Ongoing: EnergyWitness stays in place to monitor operations, 24×365, to assure the building continues to function as designed, continues to be comfortable, healthy, and energy efficient. If changes get made to how the spaces are used, the impact will be seen and can be addressed to avoid operational decline.

Most operational problems in new buildings are there from the start, unintentionally created during design and construction. As your Automation Consultant, IDS can correct those problems at the outset, when it is the most cost-effective time to do so.