Does IDS perform the BAS commissioning?2017-03-13T23:25:50-04:00

We offer two options for commissioning the BAS:

  1. IDS configures EnergyWitness’ commissioning module for use by your commissioning agent.
  2. IDS performs the commission service itself as well as configuring EnergyWitness.
Can IDS deliver more value to the commissioning process?2017-03-13T23:22:00-04:00

Absolutely, when we start collecting BAS data as the control system comes on line, we use our EnergyWitness platform to enable 100% equipment coverage, which means your commission dollar goes much further than it has in the past.

My commissioning agent commissions the automation, don’t they?2017-03-13T23:18:39-04:00

Your commissioning agent performs functional tests (typical to the ACG, BOMA, NCBC) guidelines. These are functional tests that verify the equipment is functioning, and at a basic level that the system is operating as intended. However, passing a set of functional tests is entirely different than operating efficiently 24×365. Also, commissioning agents are contracted to test based on the specification, so if the operation “meets spec,” it passes. Determining if it is what the owner needs is a different story.

Who writes the sequences of operation?2017-03-13T23:13:05-04:00

IDS writes the sequences of operation (SOO), based upon ASHRAE guideline, for the design engineer based on the engineer’s mechanical design. Often, the engineer will provide a basic SOO to describe the operational intent, and IDS will expand on it to provide the level of detail necessary to generate a predictable (and proper) result.

What value does Interval Data Systems provide?2017-03-13T23:09:41-04:00

IDS specifies how the automation should work based upon ASHRAE guidelines, evaluates the automation code produced by the controls vendor or contractor, and verifies the operation via EnergyWitness Analytics. And one really unique thing—IDS guarantees the results.

Do I still need my control vendor I have using for years?2017-03-13T22:53:43-04:00

Yes you do.

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