Inefficient because it’s built that way

The construction process is designed to deliver buildings on time and within budget. There is not a focus on turning over a building that operates optimally, 24×365, for the next 20+ years. As a building owner you may expect that, but it’s not what you get.

No one sets out to build an inefficient building, but no one sets out not to either. As the construction process passes from architect to engineer to controls contractor there are huge cracks where details get lost. It’s not the equipment and hardware that get lost, but the software that runs them.

Every building we analyze provides more evidence that the main cause of operational inefficiency is the automation software. Our analysis has shown that over 80% of the issues in a new building were the result of the specified sequences or their implementation. And as everyone knows, it is orders of magnitude more expensive to fix these issues in the field, after occupancy.

Since the automation is “owned” by many people in the construction process, it turns out it isn’t owned by anyone. It’s not called out in any contract. If no single entity is responsible, it has little chance of coming out right.

Automation consulting

To address this, IDS has developed an automation consulting practice that starts at the design phase and carries through the construction process, through occupancy, throughout the warranty period and beyond. We oversee each step of the automation delivery process to assure you get the building you expected.

Let IDS show you how you can change this process on your next construction project and build an efficient (not to mention comfortable, healthy, and easy to maintain) building.