The experts in the automation that runs your buildings

Our mission is to ensure your custom facility performs as it was designed to, from initial delivery through its useful life. As automation consultants, we focus on the software delivery that is part of your building automation system, starting with design, through construction, warranty, and beyond.

We represent the owner’s interests to ensure the best sequences of operations possible, and that the automation software fully implements the intended operation, and does so 24×365 for the life of the building. Our analysts and analytics platform verify it for you.

Sequences don’t run buildings.
Software runs buildings.

We’re not in the business of pointing out problems and leaving you on your own. We want the same thing our customers want—a building that is comfortable and healthy for the occupants, operates at the lowest energy cost, and requires the least amount of maintenance.

IDS Management Team

Bill Gnerre
Bill GnerreCEO and Cofounder
With twenty-plus years of enterprise sales, marketing, and entrepreneur experience, Bill leads the overall company management and growth activities working with customers, partners, and investors.
Greg Cmar
Greg CmarCTO and Cofounder
Greg leads the product definition effort and defines the overall software architecture. He also leads the energy management services team.
Kevin Fuller
Kevin FullerExecutive Vice President
Kevin is responsible for marketing and product development, and is the program manager for several of IDS’ largest clients.
Raffi Manjikian
Raffi ManjikianCOO
Raffi is responsible for managing the company’s day-to-day financial operations, corporate compliance, HR, and vendor relations.